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PAT 1065. A+B and C

Given three integers A, B and C in [-2^63, 2^63], you are supposed to tell whether A+B > C.


PAT 1063. Set Similarity

Given two sets of integers, the similarity of the sets is defined to be Nc/Nt*100%, where Nc is the number of distinct common numbers shared by the two sets, and Nt is the total number of distinct numbers in the two sets. Your job is to calculate the similarity of any given pair of sets.


PAT 1061. Dating

Sherlock Holmes received a note with some strange strings: "Let’s date! 3485djDkxh4hhGE 2984akDfkkkkggEdsb s&hgsfdk d&Hyscvnm". It took him only a minute to figure out that those strange strings are actually referring to the coded time "Thursday 14:04" — since the first common capital English letter (case sensitive) shared by the first two strings is the 4th capital letter ‘D’, representing the 4th day in a week; the second common character is the 5th capital letter ‘E’, representing the 14th hour (hence the hours from 0 to 23 in a day are represented by the numbers from 0 to 9 and the capital letters from A to N, respectively); and the English letter shared by the last two strings is ‘s’ at the 4th position, representing the 4th minute. Now given two pairs of strings, you are supposed to help Sherlock decode the dating time.


PAT 1059. Prime Factors

Given any positive integer N, you are supposed to find all of its prime factors, and write them in the format N = p1^k1 * p2^k2 *…*pm^km.


PAT 1057. Stack

Stack is one of the most fundamental data structures, which is based on the principle of Last In First Out (LIFO). The basic operations include Push (inserting an element onto the top position) and Pop (deleting the top element). Now you are supposed to implement a stack with an extra operation: PeekMedian — return the median value of all the elements in the stack. With N elements, the median value is defined to be the (N/2)-th smallest element if N is even, or ((N+1)/2)-th if N is odd.


PAT 1055. The World’s Richest

Forbes magazine publishes every year its list of billionaires based on the annual ranking of the world’s wealthiest people. Now you are supposed to simulate this job, but concentrate only on the people in a certain range of ages. That is, given the net worths of N people, you must find the M richest people in a given range of their ages.


PAT 1054. The Dominant Color

Behind the scenes in the computer’s memory, color is always talked about as a series of 24 bits of information for each pixel. In an image, the color with the largest proportional area is called the dominant color. A strictly dominant color takes more than half of the total area. Now given an image of resolution M by N (for example, 800×600), you are supposed to point out the strictly dominant color.


PAT 1050. String Subtraction

Given two strings S1 and S2, S = S1 – S2 is defined to be the remaining string after taking all the characters in S2 from S1. Your task is simply to calculate S1 – S2 for any given strings. However, it might not be that simple to do it fast.


PAT 1049. Counting Ones

The task is simple: given any positive integer N, you are supposed to count the total number of 1′s in the decimal form of the integers from 1 to N. For example, given N being 12, there are five 1′s in 1, 10, 11, and 12.


PAT 1046. Shortest Distance

The task is really simple: given N exits on a highway which forms a simple cycle, you are supposed to tell the shortest distance between any pair of exits.


PAT 1042. Shuffling Machine

Shuffling is a procedure used to randomize a deck of playing cards. Because standard shuffling techniques are seen as weak, and in order to avoid "inside jobs" where employees collaborate with gamblers by performing inadequate shuffles, many casinos employ automatic shuffling machines. Your task is to simulate a shuffling machine.


PAT 1041. Be Unique

Being unique is so important to people on Mars that even their lottery is designed in a unique way. The rule of winning is simple: one bets on a number chosen from [1, 104]. The first one who bets on a unique number wins. For example, if there are 7 people betting on 5 31 5 88 67 88 17, then the second one who bets on 31 wins.


PAT 1031. Hello World for U

Given any string of N (>=5) characters, you are asked to form the characters into the shape of U. For example, "helloworld" can be printed as:


PAT 1029. Median

Given an increasing sequence S of N integers, the median is the number at the middle position. For example, the median of S1={11, 12, 13, 14} is 12, and the median of S2={9, 10, 15, 16, 17} is 15. The median of two sequences is defined to be the median of the nondecreasing sequence which contains all the elements of both sequences. For example, the median of S1 and S2 is 13.


PAT 1027. Colors in Mars

People in Mars represent the colors in their computers in a similar way as the Earth people. That is, a color is represented by a 6-digit number, where the first 2 digits are for Red, the middle 2 digits for Green, and the last 2 digits for Blue. The only difference is that they use radix 13 (0-9 and A-C) instead of 16. Now given a color in three decimal numbers (each between 0 and 168), you are supposed to output their Mars RGB values.


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