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PAT 1023. Have Fun with Numbers

Notice that the number 123456789 is a 9-digit number consisting exactly the numbers from 1 to 9, with no duplication. Double it we will obtain 246913578, which happens to be another 9-digit number consisting exactly the numbers from 1 to 9, only in a different permutation. Check to see the result if we double it again!


PAT 1021. Deepest Root

A graph which is connected and acyclic can be considered a tree. The height of the tree depends on the selected root. Now you are supposed to find the root that results in a highest tree. Such a root is called the deepest root.


PAT 1020. Tree Traversals

Suppose that all the keys in a binary tree are distinct positive integers. Given the postorder and inorder traversal sequences, you are supposed to output the level order traversal sequence of the corresponding binary tree.


PAT 1019. General Palindromic Number

A number that will be the same when it is written forwards or backwards is known as a Palindromic Number. For example, 1234321 is a palindromic number. All single digit numbers are palindromic numbers.


PAT 1017. Queueing at Bank

Suppose a bank has K windows open for service. There is a yellow line in front of the windows which devides the waiting area into two parts. All the customers have to wait in line behind the yellow line, until it is his/her turn to be served and there is a window available. It is assumed that no window can be occupied by a single customer for more than 1 hour.


PAT 1015. Reversible Primes

A reversible prime in any number system is a prime whose "reverse"
in that number system is also a prime. For example in the decimal system 73 is a reversible prime because its reverse 37 is also a prime.


PAT 1014. Waiting in Line

Suppose a bank has N windows open for service. There is a yellow line in front of the windows which devides the waiting area into two parts. The rules for the customers to wait in line are:


PAT 1013. Battle Over Cities

It is vitally important to have all the cities connected by highways in a war. If a city is occupied by the enemy, all the highways from/toward that city are closed. We must know immediately if we need to repair any other highways to keep the rest of the cities connected. Given the map of cities which have all the remaining highways marked, you are supposed to tell the number of highways need to be repaired, quickly.


PAT 1012. The Best Rank

To evaluate the performance of our first year CS majored students, we consider their grades of three courses only: C – C Programming Language, M – Mathematics (Calculus or Linear Algebra), and E – English. At the mean time, we encourage students by emphasizing on their best ranks — that is, among the four ranks with respect to the three courses and the average grade, we print the best rank for each student.


PAT 1011. World Cup Betting

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup running, football fans the world over were becoming increasingly excited as the best players from the best teams doing battles for the World Cup trophy in South Africa. Similarly, football betting fans were putting their money where their mouths were, by laying all manner of World Cup bets.


PAT 1010. Radix

Given a pair of positive integers, for example, 6 and 110, can this equation 6 = 110 be true? The answer is "yes", if 6 is a decimal number and 110 is a binary number.


PAT 1009. Product of Polynomials

This time, you are supposed to find A*B where A and B are two polynomials.


PAT 1008. Elevator

The highest building in our city has only one elevator. A request list is made up with N positive numbers. The numbers denote at which floors the elevator will stop, in specified order. It costs 6 seconds to move the elevator up one floor, and 4 seconds to move down one floor. The elevator will stay for 5 seconds at each stop.


PAT 1007. Maximum Subsequence Sum

Given a sequence of K integers { N1, N2, …, NK }. A continuous subsequence is defined to be { Ni, Ni+1, …, Nj } where 1 <= i <= j <= K. The Maximum Subsequence is the continuous subsequence which has the largest sum of its elements. For example, given sequence { -2, 11, -4, 13, -5, -2 }, its maximum subsequence is { 11, -4, 13 } with the largest sum being 20.


PAT 1006. Sign In and Sign Out

At the beginning of every day, the first person who signs in the computer room will unlock the door, and the last one who signs out will lock the door. Given the records of signing in’s and out’s, you are supposed to find the ones who have unlocked and locked the door on that day.


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